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Oh Sew Modern Fabric

Here's a little bit about Oh Sew Modern Fabric, or OSMF as we like to call ourselves because isn't everything about acronyms in today's world??? FMQ, HST, etc, etc.

Excuse us, back to the topic at hand. Oh, we should mention that we both have a little A.D.D. and tend to go off on tangents ALL THE TIME. "Sew" what were we saying???? Oh, OSMF...

We are an online fabric shoppe (we like the double "p" and "e", it looks fancy) located in sunny, steamy South Florida, owned and operated by Melissa & Michelle, who happen to be 2 besties who met about 5 years ago doing what they love....sewing, quilting, and .... wait for it..... BUYING FABRIC! 

Who knew that just 5 years later their dream of opening a fabric shoppe would come to fruition. Truth be told, it took Michelle over 3 years of pestering Melissa to "go for it". One day, Melissa woke up and said "LET'S DO IT!" And, here we are...launching an online fabric shoppe! Woohoo! 

Michelle works with kids in the medical field, volunteers at a horse rescue and has a beautiful family. Melissa owns 2 other businesses with her husband, as well as volunteers with kids at her church.  We both have crazy, fun and full lives and are thrilled to add OSMF and our customers to our worlds. We hope you are as excited as we are and continue to follow our fun, crazy, modern happenings at OSMF!

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